II. International Valve Industry Forum & Expo – 2015

II. International Valve Industry Forum & Expo – 2015
3. August 2015 Tomáš Leščišin

We also attended this  exhibition. Our main goal was to present a new production to customers operating in the Russian market. At the same time it was a unique opportunity for a personal meeting with our long-term and the new potential business partners.


From 14 to 16 April, 2015 the II International Valve Industry Forum & Expo’2015 was held at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre 75 in Moscow.


The Forum was organized by Scientific & Industrial Valve Manufacturing Association and Industrial Forum, JSC. It was patronized by: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, supported by ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials), European Association for the Taps and Valves Industry (CEIR), Polish Industrial Valves Association (SPAP), Ukrainian Association for Valves Industry (APAU) and Turkish Pump and Valves Manufacturers Association.
The distinctive feature of the Forum was an extended BUSINESS PROGRAM specially emphasized by the initiators. Such events had never been held in the industry before.

Forum & Expo 2015

The first day of the Forum brought a Plenary conference and panel discussion on “Trends and prospects of industrial and economic development of Russia” and aworkshop  “Technologies, materials, coatings”.
During the second day of the Valve Industry Forum the most important and lengthy events were held:

  • Scientific and Technical Conference “InnoValve”  (Design and technological innovation in valve industry);
  • Conference  “Confirmation procedures of pipeline valves conformity with European directives and international standards”;
  • Seminar “Actuators”;
  • Seminar  “Pipeline valves. Interrelation between processes of manufacturing, incoming inspection, operation, diagnostic and maintenance”.


The closing day of the Forum was the shortest one but no less intense.The events included:

  • Round-table discussion  “Implementation of import substitution programs of main consumers of pipeline valves”;
  • Round-table discussion  “Control features of technological medium flows”;
  • Round-table discussion  “Traditional and alternative methods of valve tightness insuring”.


Upon completion of the third day events there was a Director Club’s session during which the management of participating manufacturers exchanged their impressions about the first day of the Valve Industry Forum & Expo and discussed burning problems and issues of concern in the industry development.

Forum & Expo 2015-2

            This might have been due to the fact that organization of the Forum focused on the quality rather than the quantity of the audience, first of all due to the lengthy and intense Business Program which basically involved experts. The Forum delegates also specifically noted that it was the Business Program that set the pace for the whole event. As a result, the average level of professional competence of the Forum participants was notably high.

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