Between the main activity of the company belong sale of electric actuators intended for the operation of industrial valves used in thermal and nuclear power engineering, oil and gas industry and other industries.

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Through certified service centers and trained service technicians, we provide warranty and post-warranty service on all products supplied by us.

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Based on the long-term business experience and diverse business contacts we offer business services to companies that want to enter and subsequently succeed in the Asian markets.

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Our company offers a sale of electric actuators, gas pressure regulators, industrial valves and pneumatic actuators.



Electric actuators

are electromechanical devices designed for remote actuation and control of shut-off and regulation of various types of valves. Electric actuators are used to perform the functions of opening and closing, constant regulation, as well as running diagnostics to determine the position of the valve organ.


Gas pressure regulators

are autonomous devices that automatically maintain a constant gas pressure in the pipeline. In the regulation mode, they are used to reduce the initial high pressure to the final low one by automatically changing the opening degree of the throttling body. They are used in industrial and municipal gas distribution systems.

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Industrial valves

are devices installed on pipelines, aggregates, vessels and designed to control the flow of working fluids (liquid, gaseous, powder, etc.). Industrial valves are used in both conventional and extreme operating conditions for thermal and nuclear energy, metallurgy, chemical and food industries, mechanical engineering, during transportation and processing of oil and gas in wastewater systems and public utilities.

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