We provide services related to delivery, customs clearance and storage of supplied goods, aimed at coordinating and harmonizing the flow of goods and services to optimize delivery times, reduce transport and duty costs and comply with delivery dates.


Customs clearance of the delivered goods to the customs warehouse.


Storage of delivered goods.


Delivery of goods to the warehouse or place of realization.


Through certified service centers and trained service technicians, we provide warranty and post-warranty service on all products supplied by us.

Activity of service center:

exit of experts to assess the situation,
installation of electric actuators,
connection of electric actuators,
settings of electric actuators,
repair of electric actuators,
warranty and after warranty service.

Service center will help you to resolve your problems quickly and responsibly.


Distribution and service center

Stroitelna 5, Kaluzhska area
249 000 Balabanovo, Russia

+7 499 251 10 72

+7 967 088 89 65
+7 963 684 94 64



Sponsorship and social responsibility is from the beginning of our business, obvious part of our active corporate life. Our main goal is increasing the quality of life of our employees, supporting social projects, which helps to improve the quality of life of fellow citizens in social need and supporting sport activities and clubs.


The company Marvel has long been supporting a nonprofitable organisation Pro ALIA, which provides services to help solve unfavorable social situation due to severe disability and ill health to individuals who are dependent on the help of others.


Company Marvel belongs to one of the partners of the ice hockey team HK BARDEJOV.

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