25th anniversary of its establishment

25th anniversary of its establishment
30. August 2017 Tomáš Leščišin

This year company celebrated the 25th anniversary of its establishment. For us it is a significant accomplishment because it marks a quarter of a century in business.


It was an opportunity not only for a celebration as such, but also for memories and stories from the past and to express the thanks for the previous work.

The day started with sports activates. It was a great opportunity to get a little out of the ordinary work worries and to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of games and competitions. We also had the opportunity to get to know each other from the outside of the workplace.

The afternoon was devoted to a gala lunch. We were very pleased to welcome our business and financial partners and also our current and former employees because exactly them belong big thanks for the long-term work and cooperation.

We believe that everybody had fun and also we would like to one more time wish everybody a lot of working and personal success in the future.

Hopefully we meet again in the further working milestone.

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