Electric part-turn actuator KP MIDI

Electric part-turn actuator KP MIDI

KP MIDI – electric part-turn actuator



Electric part-turn actuator KP MIDI has been specially designed for actuating valves (ball and flap valves), louvers, air flaps and other devices for which they are in respect of their characteristics suitable.


The KP MIDI (KP MIDI Control) electric actuators consist of the following basic units:

  • reversible synchronous motor with a permanently connected starting capacitor
  • power gearing with a shaft, fitted with a square s = 14 mm
  • electric outfit

The power gearing consists of a pinion attached to the output shaft of the electric motor, spur gearings and a geared wheel coupled with the output shaft of the electric actuator. The output shaft is fitted with a square s = 14 mm providing for connection to the driven shaft of valve. For control of the position-limit and signalling switches, adjustable cams are fitted at the other end of the output shaft, which is extended in length into the actuator control part.

Electric outfit consists of four microswitches of which two are used for tripping the actuator when the end positions of the output shaft have been reached and two can be used for the position signalling of the output shaft.

Outlets of the micro-switches and electric motor are connected to a terminal board which serves for electric connection of the actuator to external circuits by means of a cable with conductors of maximum cross-section 1.5 mm².

For sealing of inlet cables, the actuator is fitted with two cable bushings. Protection against shock voltage is provided for by internal protective terminal. The actuators can be fitted with anti-condensation heater.

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