ZPA Pecky

Untitled-4   Untitled-5   Untitled-6   Electric actuators – ZPA PECKY

Electric actuators from the company ZPA PECKY are intended for the actuation of valves, also ball, butterfly and gate, of all types even in environments with gas or fume explosion hazard. Wide range of types opens extensive application possibilities for our actuators in control and regulation circuits of technological processes. Manufacturing program includes rotary single-turn and multi-turn actuators for direct mounting on valves or lever-type actuators. Special features are MOA and MOA OC actuators intended for operation under extreme conditions in nuclear power plants.

Company ZPA PECKY operates on the market under its brand since 1992. Its strengths include: planetary gearbox, high precision of setting, possibility of electronic equipment, high service life of actuators (up to 40 years), modular design, weight reduction of servomotors using aluminum parts, replacement oil with grease, possibility of supply of backup sources for potential power outages (ups).