Electric part-turn actuator MOKED

Electric part-turn actuator MOKED

MOKED – electric part-turn actuator



Electric part-turn actuator MOKED is designed for shifting control elements by a reversible rotary motion with the turning angle of the output part 90°, including cases when tight closure in end positions is required. Typical example of using is control of ball and flap valves in similar installations in the regime of remote control as well as automatic regulation. The electric actuators MODACT ® MOKED are mounted directly on the controlled element.


Electro-mechanical control board is replaced with the electronic system DMS2 or DMS2 ED. Both systems scan position of the output shaft and torque of the electric actuator by contact-free magnetic sensors. The sensor of the output shaft position is absolute and does not require any backup power supply in case supply voltage is disconnected during operation of the electric actuator. Both systems can be set and monitored by a computer with controlling programme or manually without a computer.
The more simple system DMS2 ED substitutes electromechanical parts and/or provides for controlling the electric actuator by input analog signal as in the version Control.

The system DMS2 enables the electric actuator to be used for two-position and three-position regulation or to be connected to the industrial bus bar Profibus.

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